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Why the 5D Mark II?

25 Jun Gear | Comments

Canon EOS 5D Mark II A few of my photographer pals asked me why i would pay so much for a 5D Mark II instead of doing something more rational like buying the older 5D or even the faster 1D Mark II or even better the 1D Mark III? Hell, why dont you just keep your EOS 40D and buy a few new lenses? Well the answer is quite simple. The 5D Mark II has VIDEO! You see i sold my Panasonic DVX100A video camera because i knew that the 5D Mark II was the future in terms of its picture quality. And in the world of Hip Hop & R&B video, this thing is just perfect. Recently I have seen quite a few hip hop artists making use of this brilliant camera. One director, Dan The Man, seems to be using this camera exclusively for projects with DJ Whoo Kid and his Radio Planet website. The site features videos and interviews with a variety of artists. My guess is that they saw the quality of the Mark II in low light and its portability as a major asset to getting their videos posted quickly. The fact that its HD and knocks just about any other video camera on its ass when it comes to picture quality makes it a no brainer. Many people forget that this thing takes AMAZING still photos as well, which is how I use it most of the time. Still, the fact that thing has superb video quality is something that made me sell off a camera that I had only purchased a few months earlier and sell off a video camera that once was the "go-to" camera in the realm of 24p… Im not mad at all. Cant wait to make use of its video capabilities! -Cyclopedia Brown