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Video Vixen vs. America’s Top Model

If you check the dictionary for the definition of a Vixen, it will tell you that a Vixen is another word for a female fox, and that a Model is someone who makes a profession out of putting on garments as a display. Of course those two terms have many different meanings to different people. But, it's interesting that there is an outstanding difference in the amount of respect that each of these labels will bring the women who chose to work under them.

If you are lucky enough to be one of America's Top Models (I use this title loosely and this will apply to many of the models who shoot in swimwear and aren't affiliated with urban or the Video Vixen title. This has nothing to do with the TV show), then you will most likely have had to model in some form fitting outfits or possibly a swimsuit and lingerie. We may have even seen you in an ad where you posed with your top off in an implied nude or where you exposed your bare ass. And all of this wouldn't take anything away from the fact that you are respected and get well paid to do your job as a "model". 

However, if you are a Video Vixen and you pose in either, swimwear or lingerie or you pose for an implied nude, you are much more likely to be branded as a "ho" or some other derogatory term that people stamp on women who chose to work under the label "Video Vixen".  And, you probably aren't able to quit your day job with the amount of money you are being paid either.

It's fair to note that I don't have much knowledge of fashion modeling or anything outside of urban, but I do know that they get paid handsomely. I mean there are reality television shows about that portion of the business. Imagine if there were a reality show about urban right about now! I think a lot of people would be embarassed  to show the fact that many of the urban magazines don't pay and many of the jobs in urban don't pay much more than a few hundred dollars.

The fact that urban has remained underground and out of the mainstream allows a lot of nonsensical business practices to go on unchallenged. Video Vixens don't stand up to complain about the unfair treatment much at all. In fact I know a handful of models who have been taken advantage of by men who were able to get girls to pay them to get into magazines for ridiculous amounts of money. The problem was, that they never made it into the magazines. 

So women who wish to become Video Vixens are going to unthinkable measures to put themselves into a business that gives them little rewards. But the lure of the industry is overwhelming. Being able to be desired. Traveling free. Partying free. Being able to be in the videos with the stars. Going to parties with athletes, and sometimes even landing a celebrity boyfriend. To some this may be more rewarding than any paycheck. But this is an industry that has a shelf life well below the normal 15 minutes of fame that performers are used to. Video Vixens can be here one month and gone the next. Also the American Top Models are able to do all of those same things with a paycheck attached.

I still truly believe that in order for video vixens and the entire urban eye candy industry to get respect, we are going to have to demand more from the magazines, the websites, and everyone in the industry. That might mean that models stop doing videos that depict them simply as "ho's". It might mean that magazines demand more quality images from models and their photographers. It may mean that magazines work to get their quality up to par so that they can get the same ad revenue that Maxim and the other men's magazines are getting from big tobacco, alcohol, and gatorade. It may mean that we, the people of urban, have a long way to go.

Before we get respect, we first must be respectable!

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