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Urban Eye Candy: The Realization

Urban Eye Candy: The Realization

Before becoming a photographer, I, at one point, thought that urban models and photographers might actually be making at least a decent living shooting for magazines. I would turn on videos or go to my local newsstand and check out my favorite models and video vixens in magazines like XXL(eye candy) King & Blackmen & on BET & MTV(back then they actually played music videos on “MUSIC Television”).
A few years later and I have gotten a taste of reality. Many of those star models that I once gazed at, while waiting for my train to arrive on the subway, had other jobs and only did modeling on the side. I can make a peace sign with my fingers and count how many of those ladies used modeling to jumpstart another career in the entertainment industry. Most had their, unbelievably quick 15 minutes and were never to be heard from again.
As for photographers… Well I wasn’t really a fan of any photographers, but I will say that as I have had conversations with some of the veterans, most of them don’t make their living shooting Urban Eye Candy models. Good deals of them shoot weddings’, family portraits, events, or they shoot for magazines outside of the urban genre.
So why are so many photographers and models alike still drawn to the idea of shooting urban eye candy? A shot at hanging out with stars maybe? Being in videos? Being celebrated by horny men and or women who spend their time fantasizing about them? Or maybe they actually thought that they could make some money….? Scary thought huh?
Well I guess there are a few ways to get money in this industry but the ends don’t seem to really justify the means if you ask me….
For models there are Calendars, Music Videos, Member Websites, Party Hosting, etc…
For us photographers we can either hope to become the head photographer at one of the bigger magazines for a salary (highly unlikely) or we can make a name for ourselves and charge the models to shoot with us in order for them to submit to the same magazines that don’t even pay them.

So the question remains…. After coming to the realization that there is little money to be made in the Urban industry, what lures us to continue in this game that seldom pays us a livable wage?

  • Your Technician Of Imagery

    So, sad…but its TRUE…

  • Itaintfair

    attention whoring …thats what lures us