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I have recently spoken with several models, watched twitter dramas unfold, and seen many comments about models and their over photoshopped images. Many of the models who I have talked to about this were upset because they felt that the photographer had robbed them of their natural beauty and given them an unnatural look. What makes the situation worse is when other photographers have to come behind a photoshop happy photographer and make a decision to either continue to physically alter the model, or leave her the way she is naturally. 


It can be quite tempting to follow the leader and make alterations so that your pictures can also receive the same amount of attention that the heavily manipulated images had. It's no secret that men like curvy women, so why not take in a waist here or there, or give a girl the cleavage she never was able to pay for at the plastic surgeon? Or how about the all time favorite of adding booty where there was never booty before. 


Video vixens were given that name for a reason…. It's because, most likely, they will eventually make an appearance in a video at some point. If someone is casting a video and sees a potential video vixen's online body of work. They expect to see that same model walk into their offices or at the audition. You cannot expect to get a part in a video if your body has been photoshopped. Your image is based on a lie that you cannot live up to on a video screen.


Now, as a photographer, I do know that some women actually request these physical alterations and as a business person you have to make  a decision about whether this request should be granted. The answer for me is yes and no. 


I have been hired by magazines to alter women's imperfections in the past for a fee. Lets be honest. No one is perfect. But this magazine knew what the girl looked like ahead of time and was willing to pay to make her look perfect. But in all honesty the final product was never far from the original. These women were beautiful, they just needed some slight enhancements,


The question is, how much is too much? If a model wanted to get in a magazine and wanted me to make alterations to help get her there without the magazine's knowledge, I would have to pass up on the offer. Especially if the alterations she was asking for were going to make her body look a lot different from the way she naturally looked.  


So some models do actually request these alterations, but many of them do not. A lot of times its on the photographer. These guys are taking it upon themselves to make extraordinary enhancements. Pictures are altered so much that girls are having to take down their camera phone pictures or explain to magazines that they aren't actually as curvy as (fill in the blank) the photographer made them out to be. 


When they get called out on twitter or in some other public arena it can be quite embarrassing. 


So photographers & models do yourselves a favor and let it be known that you dont endorse over the top photoshop enhancements!