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How to get the Video Vixens to desire your lens…

So you're looking to get your name known for shooting video vixens. You bought yourself a camera and some lights and got your accounts on Model Mayhem and Facebook making use of your new name and logo (hoping to make it into a business). Now all you need to know are the best moves to make in order to get the right models in front of your lens.

  • Shoot the hottest Models you can find (or at least only put the hottest in your portfolios) and if you cant find them, dont shoot them. Many women are competitive by nature. If you make one look good, others will want to try and outdo her. This is why photographers who shoot the hottest women continue to shoot even hotter women in the future. And even when the models could care less about competition, they know that if you have a lot of hot women in your portfolio, that the traffic to your portfolio will be high, thus increasing traffic to their portfolios getting them more fans. 
  • Have half decent images. I know this sounds crazy coming from me since I always push that photographers strive for excellence, but the truth of the matter is that you only need half decent images to make it in Urban. So have a basic understanding of light, composition, photoshop (or if you're cheap Gimp), and hope the model doesn't have an eye for excellence… (Side note: I still believe that the best photographers in Urban do strive for excellence which is why they work on contract from the biggest magazines instead of just getting paid from models.)
  • Get Published. Getting published in at least one urban publication will get your popularity up fast! Get more than one and you can write your ticket as long as you stick to shooting the right models and having at least 1/2 decent images.
  • Put all your accomplishments on Display! This is your jewelry and toolery. You can't get far being humble in this. You have to display your work!
  • Make sure your logo or name is displayed on all your images. This should be a no brainer, but I still see images out there with no logo. You might think you have a distinctive style and that everyone will be able to tell your work and distinguish yours from everyone else's, but thats just not the truth. 
  • Put Business First! There is nothing worse than getting a bad reputation in any business. Don't deliver images on time?People will find out. Try to screw every model that you come in contact with? People will find out. etc etc. 
  • DONT BURN BRIDGES! Again this should go unsaid, but I still hear of photographers ruining relationships with models, magazines, make up artists, other photographers, etc. Learn to have these people help you. Many models came to me through word of mouth. If no one has anything good to say about you, then you will most likely lose some opportunities , so keep your relationships healthy. 

Just keep these things in mind and I'm sure that the models/video vixens will be all over your lens just looking to get shot!!

  • Your Technician Of Imagery

    You said, a mouthful…!
    Excellent Post…

  • Nkosi

    Nice post! Now I just need to find some models to shoot. :)

  • Indo

    Excellent article. Some good pointers for any up-and-coming shooter.