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How To Choose A Good Photographer

07 Oct Model 101 | 1 comment
How To Choose A Good Photographer

(side note: I used all my own photos to demonstrate these problems. Some of them are faked cause I have a hard time doing wrong now that I know how to do right. Others are genuinely messed up images from when I was first starting out. I wanted to use other photographers’ images but I don’t want to hear any whining.)

They say a good man is hard to find these days, well a good photographer (male or female) may be even more elusive for a female model looking to break into the business. These days every Photographer on the continent has been published someplace & has a portfolio full of half naked women on Model Mayhem & Facebook. The more beautiful the models in the photographers portfolio the more other beautiful women seem to line up to shoot with that certain photographer. The fact that Urban magazines don’t seem to have much quality control seems to be only adding fuel to the fire. Exposure issues, Focus issues, Poor Retouching, Blurred Skin, and poor composition plague the industry. With no one to come in and school publishers on how to demand some quality, it makes it difficult for models to understand what makes a good photographer.

Here Are a Few Things To Look Out For…

UNSHARP IMAGES. The ability to keep the camera steady & add a proper amount of sharpening in post, seems like it would be simple. Unfortunately this is something that seems to be a serious problem for many photographers, even some of the veteran shooters.


POOR LIGHTING. Detecting poor lighting may be a bit difficult for many people. A good rule of thumb in most cases is to be sure that shadows are limited to areas that should have shadows and areas, such as the face are free of any unnecessary shadows.

OVER EXPOSED IMAGES. Images that have been exposed to too much light may show that certain areas of images look white, when they should not be.

UNDER EXPOSED IMAGES. This symptom is the opposite of over exposed images. Not enough light makes for dark and discolored images.

POOR COMPOSITION. This may also be a bit difficult. There are many different styles of shooting and photography. For Urban Eye candy modeling its just best that no body parts are unnecessarily cropped out of an image in an awkward place.

POOR RETOUCHING. This may not be the direct fault of the photographer since these days many photographers don’t do their own retouching, but if a photographer has a good eye he would never let a poor retoucher even touch his images, so I am not very sympathetic to using that as an excuse. Poor retouching can vary. Here I will touch on several retouching issues.

1. BLURRED SKIN. This is by far one of the most common issues with poor retouches. In many instances, if you cannot see the pores of a model then there are issues of blurring. Many retouchers/photographers blur the skin to hide blemishes, blotches, and shadows. However, blurring is not necessary to prevent any of these issues.
2. DARK (Demon)EYES. This has to do with poor lighting. Some photographers tend to try and fix this in post leaving the eyes to look unnatural. But worse are the ones that just leave the eyes dark….. Remember the eyes are the keys to your soul. They are one of the most important factors when getting a great image.

Other things to be wary of when looking for a photographer:

• Guys with bad reputations for not delivering images to models

• Guys who may not be in the business to simply take pictures.

• There have been many stories of men who get into photography simply to be around & sleep with beautiful women.

• Be sure to do your homework when seeking out photographers.

• Ask questions and ask other models.

• A good photographer should be about the business of creating great images.

Look for a photographer who takes pride in his or her work and who doesn’t seem to display any of the errors mentioned above.