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Handcuffing: Photographers who want to keep you models to themselves

“You don’t need to shoot with any other photographers… Only Me!”
-Random Handucuffer

Photographers can sometimes feel like they have exclusive rights to shoot with certain models. They may feel like, because they were the first to shoot a particular models professional images, or the first to get her published that no other photographer should get to shoot her. Some can even become possessive and jealous.

But, whether its jealously, ego, or just being downright controlling and manipulative, this sort of thing should not have to be tolerated by any model.

Models should shoot with whomever they choose.  A model’s portfolio should show some degree of diversity, and the only way to get that diversity is to shoot with several different photographers who differ in style & creativity.

Models…. If you are dealing with a photographer who wants to keep your name hidden from others when they display your images, or who tries to discourage you from shooting with other photographers, run away quickly! They can only help to slow your growth and career, no matter how good they may or may not be as photographers.

Photographers who post your images on online portfolios without tagging you,  putting your name on the image, or crediting you in some way are probably trying to hide you from other photographers. Be advised!

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