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Forever, Michael: The Soundtrack to My Childhood

26 Jun Uncategorized | 2 comments

Michael Jackson Tribute

As I look back on my life there will always be various tunes that play in the background music of my mind. A sort of soundtrack that accompanies the memories on my mental hard drive. None, however will take up as much space on that mental soundtrack as the music of Michael Jackson. Some of my fondest memories are of my youth and the many hours i spent playing his records on my Fisher Price record player. Much like the evening I spent convincing my best friend David that the monsters in the Thriller Video were not real. Or, my memory of the kid, who in the second grade always wore his red leather jacket with all the zippers and who would always come to the cafeteria with his glitter glove and 12 inch Michael Jackson action figure, all of which I only wished I would somehow own myself.

Yes Michael Jackson will be missed, but he will also always be remembered. For me, he will always be the man that introduced me to my love for music. The man who made a 6 year old kid convince his mother to spend a few bucks on a 45 inch record single, only to break it and have her buy not one but two more…

I will always “Remember The Times” with a little help from Michael Jackson…