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“Everybody is doing TF shoots except me….”: It’s Still Trickin’ Even if you got it!

“Everybody is doing TF shoots except me….”: It’s Still Trickin’ Even if you got it!

Working in a business where men offer a service to amazingly gorgeous women can pose some financial issues down the line if one does not possess an iron will. The temptation to offer your services at a discounted rate or to waive fees altogether so that you can have the most beautiful models in your portfolio may be enough to convince yourself that charging isn't necessary. After all, you got into this photography business for fun, right? So What exactly is TFCD? (TFCD= Time For CD: A barter or exchange of services w/o the exchange of $) The TFCD shoot is supposed to benefit both models and photographers by allowing both parties the opportunity to upgrade their portfolios without paying a huge fee. This is especially helpful to newcomers of either profession who need to build a following.  Unfortunately what TFCD has done is allowed many models(and a few photographers) to take advantage of the situation. Many models are offered TF shoots regularly by photographers who either want bragging rights or who want to be in these beautiful women's presence. Models who are treated this way often have never had to pay for a shoot at all and are spoiled into the idea of never having to in the future. This creates an atmosphere that doesn't make it very lucrative to become an Urban Photographer, yet men are lining up to try their hand in a game that, much like the card tables in Vegas, has odds that are, financially,  stacked against them. And this isn't to fault the models. If I had the opportunity to get free services because I looked good well i would jump at the chance as well. So we need not begin to bash models here. The question becomes…, "What do I do when everyone else is shooting TFs?" Well. That's is really going to be up to you the photographer. Only you know what you are willing to do and what you arent willing to do. I myself have heard many of the local photographers in my area claim, at one point or another, that they want to stop doing TF shoots. But, then you find out that many of them continue to do it anyway. It's a funny thing. Many men dont want to admit that they trick. And contrary to popular belief it is still tricking even if you got it. Giving services away free is another form of tricking. And I would be lying if I said I didnt trick some myself. In the end you have to figure out if its worth it to you. Tricking on the right model could get your portfolio a lot of attention and if that happens, well, then you can charge other models that come after the one you just tricked on. So it could be worth it if you trick on the right models. But then you gotta ask yourself is it fair to charge some while not charging others….? I swear this game will have you up at night if you have a conscious! LOL… And what you may not be willing to do there is always another photographer who is willing to go all out for a big butt and a smile… Bottom line… If you're in this game for the money, you should probably look into shooting other types of photography. If this is just a hobby for you than have fun, make friends, and trick till your hearts content… After all you got it, right!?