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Do You Need A Manager or an Agent to get published in an Urban Magazine??

21 Oct Model 101 | 1 comment

It is my opinion that the Urban Eye Candy / Video Vixen industry is one where a model can make it a good distance in the game without having representation. However there are times when a well-connected individual, like a manger, could open a few doors for them.

The question becomes “what can an agent do for a video vixen and how much will it cost?”

You should never pay a manager or agent up front to get you published. I mean why would you…. ? Urban magazines are always looking for new urban models. If you have "the look" just submit some hot images. Most of the magazines are easy to get a hold of on Twitter, email, or their websites submissions pages.

A manager or agent should only get paid if you do. If the magazines don’t pay (many of them don’t) why would you pay someone to get you in one? Financially, it just doesn’t make sense.

There aren’t many avenues of information out there to explain the ins & outs of the Urban Eye Candy / Video Vixen business, so many models have no knowledge about how the game should work. This leaves room for con artists to come into the game and get women to pay them to get into publications.

Trust me there are a good deal of con artists in this business, but it has been my experience that these guys seldom deliver on their promises and end up getting away with quite a bit of money in the process before the model becomes any wiser.

Again, there are areas where a manager or agent could actually help your career. Managers are there to negotiate. Sometimes a new model who may not know how much she is supposed to get paid or how to negotiate the terms, could really use someone who will go in there and play hardball with a company or promoter. But again, for magazines this shouldn't be an issue. Also remember that this individual should only get paid if you do, that way there is an incentive for them to work to get you as much as possible. If you pay them up front, there goes their incentive, right out the window!

So, ladies…. Know whom you are dealing with. Don’t be afraid to Google or ask for references from other reputable models. It’s your career and your money on the line.  Don’t throw it away! 

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