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Shooters  // The photographers behind the cameras who bring us the images…. The Shooters!

DIY: Small Speedlight Softbox for the Club

DIY: Small Speedlight Softbox for the Club

A few months back, A friend of mine from needed a photographer to accompany him in the club. Of course i knew lighting would be a problem. After studying similar shots from photographers he directed me to, i realized they were using off camera flashes with lumiquest style softboxes or sto-fens ( I dont ...


25 Jun Gear | Comments

Why the 5D Mark II?

A few of my photographer pals asked me why i would pay so much for a 5D Mark II instead of doing something more rational like buying the older 5D or even the faster 1D Mark II or even better the 1D Mark III? Hell, why dont you just keep your EOS 40D and buy ...