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Are black models disappearing from urban?

This post will need a disclaimer. I do not have a preference when it comes to women. I like women from all nationalities and all ethnicities. However, I do see a disturbing trend in the Urban Industry with video vixens that seems to be cleansing itself of all things dark. So I have decided to address the issue. Again. I have no racial or ethnic preferences. I myself am half hispanic.

Im not going to get as long winded as I normally do here. I would just like to point out that in the early stages of Urban Eye candy & Video Vixens, the women who ran the industry were models like Jossie, Big Lez, Melyssa Ford, KiToy, Buffie the Body. There were sprinkles of hispanic models as well, like Gloria Velez, and even Eva Mendez was in a video. The amount of hispanic women in videos reflected the amount of hispanic male rappers and singers(of course we know there are very few hispanic rappers).

Today there are still very few hispanic rappers but the amount of hispanic video vixens has grown exponentially. But its not just hispanic women who seem to be taking over the urban industry, but just “exotic” women in general.

“Exotic” models & video vixens don’t seem to be held to the same standards as Black or Even White video vixens. Just think about it. Many of the exotic models dont have the same thick & curvy figures that we have grown accustom to within the Urban industry. Our last dark skinned superstar was Bria Myles who was extremely thick compared to any of the hottest “exotic” models who held top spots during her time. Since Bria, there have been very few superstars with a dark complexion, and you ca bet that if one shows up she will have some amazing curves.

Meanwhile the exotic women can lack all kinds of curves and just have a nice face. Doesn’t seem fair…

What do you all think?

Short Documentary from a few years ago. Take notice of the lack of Exotic Models.

  • Diegorosa60

    Black women are vanishing because of inside pressure and the fact that black women don’t make good sellers but at the same time there are complaints of how black women are preceived so this is maybe why you don’t see black women as much.