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Anybody Move & I’ll Shoot: A Photographers Theme

70's Shooter

The song that inspired the site is finally here….

Im not really even a rapper, but in the past I have done some production. So the beat and portions of the hook just came to my mind one day. Those portions just happen to also be the title for this website…. “Anybody Move and I’ll Shoot!”

Initially I got the idea for the song and then quickly thought that a website should accompany it. Then I figured that the song i had just thought up should be the theme music for the videos that i would be producing for this site. The theme would never need lyrics(only a hook), or so i thought. But, once I began to write I couldn’t stop myself. I did two versus and called it a song.

What you all should know is that, when I do actually write, I tend to rap from outside of myself. No I’m not schizophrenic! I don’t have multiple personalities… I just like to write in character… Trust me… Most of your favorite artists aren’t the killers that they want you to think they are. They write in characters as well. The only difference is that Im not afraid to admit that I’m playing a character.

That being said, there is some harsh language in this so if you have a problem with the language, I apologize. This song is not for you.

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“Cyclopedia Brown A.K.A. Mr Knowital”